Friday, March 19, 2010

Donkey Kong Jr. purchased on for $115. Replaced the boardset for another $100. Still needs a few tweaks here and there but looks like I have my own Nintendo cab.

Future plans:
replace joystick with NOS Nintendo joy,
replace backlight with LED marquee light from GroovyGameGear,
strip black paint on sides and repaint original colors,
Double Donkey Kong upgrade,

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Manuel said...

Hey man! My name is Manny originally from Costa Mesa, Ca but now living in Southaven, MS. Love your Arcade Cabs! I am on the process of building one myself! I was wondering if you know who sells Arcade Cabinets in the Memphis Area? I want to build a MaMe! Lemme know! Take care!
PS. Reach me at my ymail account instead!