Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dynamo cabinet - completed?

So my buddy Timoe sent me a PM a couple of weeks ago, and told me to "update my f'n blog" with pictures of the Dynamo cab. Truth is, its hard to show pictures of my meager efforts when compared to some of the other home built arcade games around (like Timoes and Kneivels) but I guess I'll post pics since they were requested and all...
In the picture, you can see my woodgrain cabinet is still unfinished (because I still cant afford the 27 inch monitor I want) but the Dynamo has been pretty much completed. Functional coin door w/ lights, lighted marquee, vertical monitor orientation, tinted plexi, credit/pause buttons, one button to turn it all on and off. All of the things that make a decent Mame cabinet.

So there you go Tim, I hope you're happy!! ;)

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