Friday, March 24, 2006

Big Bad Bad Assked 2 player Control Panel

After years of pining over a SlikStik control panel, I finally admitted that at approx $500 - $700 bucks, I wont soon be able to afford one of these beauties.

what's a geek to do? I know! I'll capitalize on the things I am good at!

My buddy Tim (timoe from BYOAC), agreed to build me a nice control panel in exchange for my prized Xbox with a 128 meg memory upgrade (for emulators and such).

I supply most of the parts, he supplies the woodworking skill. When done, I send him my Xbox and he sends me the control panel. Everybody is happy!

Click here for the build thread on BYOAC entitled, "Dweebs0r's Big Bad Bad Assked 2 player COntrol Panel".

The attached image is the inital plan for the CP. As you can see, it will have two joysticks per player for 2 player Smash TV and 2 player Karate Champ gaming.

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