Saturday, March 25, 2006

The latest? T-nuts installed on the cp and covered with drywall mud.
Tim explained that drywall compund is better than wood filler because it would leave a harder finish.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Parts, parts, and more parts...

Some of the many parts that Tim is installing on the new control panel.

Here are a couple of early pictures of the CP. The top picture is the post-router pictures. Tim is doing a kick ass job on the control panel. I'm really excited to see this thing come together.

The entire CP will be set around a Marvel comics theme.

Notably, Spider-man and Wolverine, two of my favorite comic characters growing up.

Here is the artwork, purchased from

I cant give Scott at enough credit. He does great work and really stands behind his product. He also supplied the marquee of my other Classic Arcade cab.

Big Bad Bad Assked 2 player Control Panel

After years of pining over a SlikStik control panel, I finally admitted that at approx $500 - $700 bucks, I wont soon be able to afford one of these beauties.

what's a geek to do? I know! I'll capitalize on the things I am good at!

My buddy Tim (timoe from BYOAC), agreed to build me a nice control panel in exchange for my prized Xbox with a 128 meg memory upgrade (for emulators and such).

I supply most of the parts, he supplies the woodworking skill. When done, I send him my Xbox and he sends me the control panel. Everybody is happy!

Click here for the build thread on BYOAC entitled, "Dweebs0r's Big Bad Bad Assked 2 player COntrol Panel".

The attached image is the inital plan for the CP. As you can see, it will have two joysticks per player for 2 player Smash TV and 2 player Karate Champ gaming.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Here is my newest cab. It really doesnt look this brown in real life. Its painted a satin black. Anywho, this is the cab that I bought for $10 bucks from the "Super Auction" in West Memphis, AR a few months ago. Added a new marquee, a coat of paint, and a computer running Mame and now I have a sweet 'lil Arcade game with very little money invested overall. Woo hoo!