Thursday, December 15, 2005

* sigh *

The cocktail arcade is gone...

One of the tough things about being a Dad is having to occasionally give up things that you really enjoy just to make ends meet. Its tough but what can you do?

I got about the same amount of money out of it as I had in it.

I didn't make money on it but the guy who bought it paid ~ $350 to ship it home to him so I couldn't really charge him more to make a few bucks.

Anyway, I plan to continue the blog as a personal webpage instead of an arcade cocktail contruction page.

Adios. I had fun doing it. Maybe I'll build another cocktail one day. I still have the large upright cabinet sitting in my garage. Hmmmm.

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Anonymous said...

A Dads gotta do what a Dads gotta do.