Saturday, December 31, 2005

Gone commercial? Yes I have.

I have added an adertisement banner to the sidebar as an experiment.
I can see now how some of these websites make money. My site sees very little traffic as a whole and yet I have had a few Ads clicked with each ad click giving me a couple of cents here and there. A site like or Howard could have thousands of clicks daily. Sure each click only means a few cents but it seems to add up quickly.

How to get rid of online ads? Use the firefox web browser combined with the adblock plugin. All ads are instantly removed.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

* sigh *

The cocktail arcade is gone...

One of the tough things about being a Dad is having to occasionally give up things that you really enjoy just to make ends meet. Its tough but what can you do?

I got about the same amount of money out of it as I had in it.

I didn't make money on it but the guy who bought it paid ~ $350 to ship it home to him so I couldn't really charge him more to make a few bucks.

Anyway, I plan to continue the blog as a personal webpage instead of an arcade cocktail contruction page.

Adios. I had fun doing it. Maybe I'll build another cocktail one day. I still have the large upright cabinet sitting in my garage. Hmmmm.