Sunday, September 04, 2005


I am almost there. Midway Pacman running in all of its glory! I FINALLY got the monitor installed.
An true arcade monitor is infinitely easier to install than a de-cased PC monitor. In an upright cabinet, a de-cased monitor would work okay but I don't have the skill to install one in a cocktail.

Today, my grandfather and I installed the monitor. We also installed the leg levelers and mounting plates. We cut the two circular holes for the fans and the 2 holes for the speakers and then covered them up with the Midway grills.

I am very happy! All of the time, the hard work, the frustrating turn of events (more than one!), and etc. etc. are all completely and totally worth it!

What was once a big pile of wood, is now a Pacman cocktail.

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