Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hey, this machine took my quarter!

Snapped a few more pics for the blog.

Here is the Mamewah front end.

Looks good with the Mr.Salty skin downloaded from here

Next, I have a horizontal game running.
Mario Brothers

Monitor images dont really photograph well but you get the idea.

Looks like next weekend, I'll be mounting the computer in place with industrial strength Velcro and wiring up the joysticks.

Sooooo close now!!


I am almost there. Midway Pacman running in all of its glory! I FINALLY got the monitor installed.
An true arcade monitor is infinitely easier to install than a de-cased PC monitor. In an upright cabinet, a de-cased monitor would work okay but I don't have the skill to install one in a cocktail.

Today, my grandfather and I installed the monitor. We also installed the leg levelers and mounting plates. We cut the two circular holes for the fans and the 2 holes for the speakers and then covered them up with the Midway grills.

I am very happy! All of the time, the hard work, the frustrating turn of events (more than one!), and etc. etc. are all completely and totally worth it!

What was once a big pile of wood, is now a Pacman cocktail.