Friday, August 12, 2005

New monitor - again.

I bought another monitor from Ebay. This hobby is becoming a little expensive. The original PC monitor I bought? Well, let's not discuss that one anymore as it's about to be headed for a local landfill. The new monitor is a Wells Gardner U3100 Arcade monitor and should be perfect for my application of a cocktail arcade cabinet.

Headed to St Louis this weekend to pick up the "Frankenshell" and take the kids to the Six Flags theme park while we are there.

Wish me luck!

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Jody said...

The 21 inch PC monitor has now been laid to rest at a local landfill.
The vertical and horizontal stretch somehow got all out of whack and with the control piece broken off I couldn't correct it no matter how hard I tried!

Sometimes I really, REALLY hate computers.

A moment of silence for the monitor is needed.
Bah, good riddance. I couldn't have a constant reminder of the day a piece of computer equipment got the best of me. I threw the damn thing in the dumpster. So long one hundred and sixty five bucks ...