Friday, July 08, 2005

Problems solved!

Talked w/ Scott at

Hell of a good guy. I got all of the replacement parts I needed from him at minimal expense plus shipping. This is great news. I can't say enough good things about Scott. What a great guy. When I had all but lost hope in building this thing, he really came through and helped me get the parts I needed and regain my enthusiasm on the cab.

That being said, I did have a few minor problems. The replacement side panel is missing the dowel holes needed to attach the control panel sides. That shouldn't be too hard to drill. I can just use the control panels as a template and drill down a little. Next problem, the replacement coin door side they sent was still missing the 3x10 cutout. Major bummer.
Not a problem though, talked w/ Scott and he offered to overnight a second replacement panel to get me on the road to arcade bliss. Wow. Another example of really going the extra mile for a customer.

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