Sunday, July 10, 2005

New monitor ordered!

After talking it over with knievel of the B.Y.O.A.C forums I have decided against purchasing a "true" arcade monitor and purchased a 21 inch CRT monitor from an Ebay seller knievel recommended. As you can see from his link, knievels cabinets are unbelievable. The workmanship and ingenuity this guy exhibits is really mind blowing. I just could not go against his suggestion of steering away from the "true" arcade monitor route. With an actual PC monitor I will add the ability of using my cabinet for surfing the web, checking emails, and with the addition of a good set of speakers, I can use my cabinet as an MP3 jukebox! Maybe now the wife'll let this go in the living room. =)

I had previously removed a 19 inch monitor from its case and tried to fit it in my cabinet and discovered that although it looked nice (the pics are above), the screen width was a little too small and it was physically too large to fit comfortably in my cabinet. I would have had to remove the coin mechs from my coin door which would have eliminated using quarters or tokens with my cab which I absolutely did not want to do. There are some great tokens being produced by another member of the B.Y.O.A.C. community. Here is the link. I plan on setting my cab up to accept these tokens.

The actual picture on the monitor is great! I put this one in the attic for a future project (like a bartop). I'll post pictures when I get the new 21 inch monitor de-cased and mounted (that is providing I don't shock myself to death taking the thing apart!).

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