Saturday, December 31, 2005

Gone commercial? Yes I have.

I have added an adertisement banner to the sidebar as an experiment.
I can see now how some of these websites make money. My site sees very little traffic as a whole and yet I have had a few Ads clicked with each ad click giving me a couple of cents here and there. A site like or Howard could have thousands of clicks daily. Sure each click only means a few cents but it seems to add up quickly.

How to get rid of online ads? Use the firefox web browser combined with the adblock plugin. All ads are instantly removed.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

* sigh *

The cocktail arcade is gone...

One of the tough things about being a Dad is having to occasionally give up things that you really enjoy just to make ends meet. Its tough but what can you do?

I got about the same amount of money out of it as I had in it.

I didn't make money on it but the guy who bought it paid ~ $350 to ship it home to him so I couldn't really charge him more to make a few bucks.

Anyway, I plan to continue the blog as a personal webpage instead of an arcade cocktail contruction page.

Adios. I had fun doing it. Maybe I'll build another cocktail one day. I still have the large upright cabinet sitting in my garage. Hmmmm.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm still here!

Haven't posted on the blog in a while. I have been busy working.

Not to mention I have a couple of new obsessions (I'm have O.C.D. dont'cha know).

1. Modded Xboxes are the coolest thing ever. You can run emulators from your Xbox with no sweat! Very cool stuff. linkage

2. Fantasy Football. (I'm number two in my league! woot)


Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hey, this machine took my quarter!

Snapped a few more pics for the blog.

Here is the Mamewah front end.

Looks good with the Mr.Salty skin downloaded from here

Next, I have a horizontal game running.
Mario Brothers

Monitor images dont really photograph well but you get the idea.

Looks like next weekend, I'll be mounting the computer in place with industrial strength Velcro and wiring up the joysticks.

Sooooo close now!!


I am almost there. Midway Pacman running in all of its glory! I FINALLY got the monitor installed.
An true arcade monitor is infinitely easier to install than a de-cased PC monitor. In an upright cabinet, a de-cased monitor would work okay but I don't have the skill to install one in a cocktail.

Today, my grandfather and I installed the monitor. We also installed the leg levelers and mounting plates. We cut the two circular holes for the fans and the 2 holes for the speakers and then covered them up with the Midway grills.

I am very happy! All of the time, the hard work, the frustrating turn of events (more than one!), and etc. etc. are all completely and totally worth it!

What was once a big pile of wood, is now a Pacman cocktail.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Monitor on the way/gameroom pics.

New monitor is on the way. Thought I would post an interesting link.

Recreating the 80s, one cab at a time.

JRipley is my hero.

Also, made it to Missouri and back without a hitch. The new upright cabinet is sitting in my garage. I didn't really like woodgrain cabs before, but now I have a woodgrain cocktail and a woodgrain upright so they're starting to grow on me a little.
I'll post pics asap.


Friday, August 12, 2005

New monitor - again.

I bought another monitor from Ebay. This hobby is becoming a little expensive. The original PC monitor I bought? Well, let's not discuss that one anymore as it's about to be headed for a local landfill. The new monitor is a Wells Gardner U3100 Arcade monitor and should be perfect for my application of a cocktail arcade cabinet.

Headed to St Louis this weekend to pick up the "Frankenshell" and take the kids to the Six Flags theme park while we are there.

Wish me luck!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Monitor mounted? - not.

Thought I would reiterate here what I spoke about on the BYOAC forums.

I tried and tried to get my decased monitor mounted in the cocktail machine and just couldn't do it.

I ended up breaking the control board in the front of the monitor for my trouble.

I made a post on BYOAC for suggestions, and AlanS17 came through with an idea of using a wood frame and angle iron. Here is the concept:
I am going to give this a shot this weekend. If I can't get the monitor frame built, I will bite the bullet and buy a true arcade monitor.

Monday, July 25, 2005

New Linux box

I have a new Linux computer. Celeron 600 w/ 192 megs ram.

Works pretty good w/ Fluxbox and Ubuntu.

I still prefer Gentoo, but on low spec machines like this, it's not really feasible to compile everything.

I don't think it's snappy enough to power my new M.a.m.e. machine though.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The web page.

I tweaked the html of this page and the topmost graphic just a little bit more.
Also added a list of "inspirational" projects that really got me into the whole B.Y.O.A.C. thing.

Currently, I am waiting on the 21 inch monitor to arrive from Canada.
I will post pictures of the monitor before and after de-casing it.
Hopefully it should be installed by this weekend. I'll get update pictures of the cocktail posted after the monitor is installed.

Woke up this morning and noticed the house was a little warm. Further investigation revealed an air conditioning unit frozen up. That whole "home warranty" thing seems like it would have been a good idea now. Too bad it's too late.

That is all.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

New Project?

I hate to start one project without finishing another, put I just cannot pass up this great deal!

I am buying this from yet another BYOAC member, paigeoliver.

It will be minus the monitor and the control panel but those wont be too hard to replace.

it has already been dubbed "The Frankenshell".

I cant wait to get it. 4 hour drive from here though, yuck.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

New monitor ordered!

After talking it over with knievel of the B.Y.O.A.C forums I have decided against purchasing a "true" arcade monitor and purchased a 21 inch CRT monitor from an Ebay seller knievel recommended. As you can see from his link, knievels cabinets are unbelievable. The workmanship and ingenuity this guy exhibits is really mind blowing. I just could not go against his suggestion of steering away from the "true" arcade monitor route. With an actual PC monitor I will add the ability of using my cabinet for surfing the web, checking emails, and with the addition of a good set of speakers, I can use my cabinet as an MP3 jukebox! Maybe now the wife'll let this go in the living room. =)

I had previously removed a 19 inch monitor from its case and tried to fit it in my cabinet and discovered that although it looked nice (the pics are above), the screen width was a little too small and it was physically too large to fit comfortably in my cabinet. I would have had to remove the coin mechs from my coin door which would have eliminated using quarters or tokens with my cab which I absolutely did not want to do. There are some great tokens being produced by another member of the B.Y.O.A.C. community. Here is the link. I plan on setting my cab up to accept these tokens.

The actual picture on the monitor is great! I put this one in the attic for a future project (like a bartop). I'll post pictures when I get the new 21 inch monitor de-cased and mounted (that is providing I don't shock myself to death taking the thing apart!).

Friday, July 08, 2005

New Design.

Changed up the default template a little. Used a template from
Found it using a simple Google search.

Hosting the images freely courtesy of imageshack. Art borrowed from tigert and arcadeart

So far, everything on this page is being hosted via completely free services. Cool.

Glued and screwed.

Well, here is the kit, attached with glue, wood dowels, and a few braces and screws.

Looking good, if I do say so myself!
Things left to purchase:
  • 19 inch original arcade monitor,
  • computer,
  • parts for wiring,
  • arcadevga card to interface computer w/ monitor.
Lots of money to invest still but it will all be worth it when I fire up that first game!

more to come!!

Note: edit of the topmost pic to remove the unmade bed at my wifes request. =)

Problems solved!

Talked w/ Scott at

Hell of a good guy. I got all of the replacement parts I needed from him at minimal expense plus shipping. This is great news. I can't say enough good things about Scott. What a great guy. When I had all but lost hope in building this thing, he really came through and helped me get the parts I needed and regain my enthusiasm on the cab.

That being said, I did have a few minor problems. The replacement side panel is missing the dowel holes needed to attach the control panel sides. That shouldn't be too hard to drill. I can just use the control panels as a template and drill down a little. Next problem, the replacement coin door side they sent was still missing the 3x10 cutout. Major bummer.
Not a problem though, talked w/ Scott and he offered to overnight a second replacement panel to get me on the road to arcade bliss. Wow. Another example of really going the extra mile for a customer.

Arcade Geekdom - part two.

First impressions. This is right out of the boxes. Not glued or screwed, just pieced together.
It looks very cool. A couple of problems noted right away. I am missing an entire side piece. Also, the 3" by 10" cutout for the third control panel is not cut.

Talked w/ Armax about all of this and it turned into a huge misunderstanding. He said, she said, kind of thing. All I know is I am missing parts. Armax said they were all there when the thing shipped. He gave me a great deal but with missing parts, how good is the deal? So somewhere in the transport/shipping, I ended up missing a few major pieces. This will be a problem for me as I have very few tools and even less woodworking skills.

Arcade Geekdom

Bought a cocktail kit from a guy named Armax who is a member of the B.Y.O.A.C. community. The kit is to build my own Midway-style cocktail arcade machine. Got the kit for a pretty good price too, it includes most of what I'll need (except a monitor and computer) and at about half of the retail cost.

Why would I want to build my own you ask? Instead of an original board set, such as Pac-man or Donkey Kong, this cabinet will house a computer with an emulator capable of playing thousands of classic games!

First post!

First post! Ahh, a new website. Finally a place to host my a blog without the hassle of hosting from my home PC. The biggest problem was that the computer hosting my Apache server was dual booting Windows, and the kids kept rebooting it into Window to play silly games.

Anyway, I intend to use the blog as a forum for posting random thoughts and to document the construction of my new arcade cabinet.

Guess I'll start this blog out with a picture of my two kids and my niece. Cute kids.